12 Effective Ways to Grow Organically your Pinterest Account

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In case you are not already convinced by the importance of Pinterest in the Social Media scene, see the following numbers (more details here) :
– 100 million active users
– 42% of US online adult women use Pinterest
– 30% of US social media users use Pinterest

Pinterest has been focusing on the US and is now expanding to the UK (news release), needless to say that Pinterest will soon become global.

So how to make the most of it? How to build an active audience on Pinterest? How to sell products as a business on Pinterest?

We developed the list below in order to help you out, wether you may be starting out on Pinterest or already aiming for the next followers count milestone.

1.Fill out your profile and make it attractive!

Add a profile photo, bio describing your account purpose, url that can be your website or other social media link.

2. Create at least 3 boards

Pinterest is all about gathering pins on boards. A person will be likely to follow you if she sees you are pining on topics that she is genuinely interested in.

Let’s say you are blogging on fashion trends. A simple way to start is to create 3 boards as follows :

  • Create 1 board about shoes, then search for shoes related pins on Pinterest, and pin what you like in your board.
  • Create 1 board about bags, repeat the process.
  • Create 1 board about hats, repeat the process.
3. Pin actively

Again, people will follow you to see regular news from you, as Facebook or Instagram. On Pinterest, the news you input are the new pins in your boards. Therefore the more active you are, the more you will attract followers.

4. Use Keywords, Descriptive Titles, & Hashtags

The more descriptive you are, the higher your chances are to get seen by people searching through Pinterest. When people search for keywords or hashtags on Pinterest, the search feature is bringing the pins having these searching terms in it. The process is similar to the hashtag feeds on Instagram, that is why people use plenty of hashtags on Instagram!

5. Be active on Pinterest

By following or liking content on Pinterest, you draw the attention of the people you reach to your profile. Part of them will start interacting with your content, which is translates into followers, likes, comments, website visitors, and sales.

As you usually do not have 24h a day to be active on social medias to grow your different accounts, we propose a service to automate this activity, 24/7, and grow your account organically and effortlessly. You can see more about it here.

6. Add your Pinterest profile link everywhere

In your email signature, your Facebook page/profile, your website,.. Let people know you have a Pinterest and people can follow you there!

7. In addition to repinning, create your own pins

It turns out that 80% of content on Pinterest are repins, meaning that only 20% is left for original content. Posting original content, like infographics or picture quotes, is a great way to spread your board, you still have to do a balancing act with content.

8. Run Contests

People love contests, on Pinterest even more. If you are a business on Pinterest, create giveaways to attract the attention and spread the word about your brand.

9. Tag people in your descriptions

Using the @ symbol, you can tag people like Instagram. It is a very efficient way to engage with others, and again draw attention to your profile.

10. Put a price on it

Pinterest is not for inspiration only, it is also a shop. Be sure to include a price tag on the image because these pins get 36 percent more likes than those without price tags. So even if you’re not selling your own products, think of creative ways to incorporate products with keywords that pinners will search for.

11. Get verified

Show pinners that you’re a trustworthy source by verifying your business. It’s a very simple process on Pinterest’s website that simply confirms your website. Not only can users see that you are verified, it also gives you access to Pinterest’s analytics, which can give you a lot of insight on what you’re doing right and ways you may need to improve.

12. Speaking of analytics …

Check out Pinterest’s “Web Analytics Walkthrough” video, which shows you how to measure your metrics and conversions. You’ll be able to tell how many pinners visited your website from your Pinterest page, how popular your pins are, and what’s being repinned from your website.


Follow these tips, and most of all, be consistent over time. A large audience will be built over a long period of time, so you have to be persistent and stay focused on your goal.

Did you find this article useful? Still with questions? Let us know what you think in the comments below, we will modify this content or create new articles on Pinterest based on your needs!

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