The Service

You should have received an email with the instructions to follow (on the email address you used to checkout). We set up new accounts in the morning (Houston time) from Monday to Saturday, it takes us 30 minutes to setup your account, and you will be notified by email as soon as your account is setup and running!

Remark 1 : If you didn’t receive any email, double check you email spam/trash folder. Otherwise, contact us and we will assist you.

Remark 2 : If you get a notification that your account has been accessed from USA, that is our service starting, you can confirm that as a normal activity.

Remark 3 : Sometimes the account setup can take longer, up to 24-48 hours, if Instagram sets up additional security checks. No worries, the period you buy only starts when your account is setup and running.

No, we do not post content on your behalf. We do not comment or follow/unfollow people on your behalf, as we think it is producing a negative image. We only use the liking function of your account, as the most pacific way to proceed. Yes, you can continue to use your Instagram normally during the time we deliver the service.
Of course! We customize the targeting to each customer, and in addition you can give us hashtags or Instagram accounts you want to target, and we will directly integrate it. For example, just say : “I want to get followers related to #fashion”, or say : “I want to get the followers of @Oprah”. It is as simple as that!


We are based in USA and we charge our services in US$. We deliver our services to all countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc..
It is a one-time payment with no engagement. If you want to setup an automatic monthly subscription, contact us and we will send you a link for that.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal payments. If your Credit Card gets rejected at the checkout, try Paypal if you can, it is the quickest way to pay and solve the issue.
If you have any problem just contact us and we will help you out.

Multiple orders & Affiliates

Yes. Contact us and we will give you a custom quote.
Yes, you can register at https://www.easysocialgrow.com/affiliate-area/ , it is free and instantaneous, and you get a 20% commission for each sale you make.
Yes. Contact us explaining what you want to do, and based on the volume of orders you intend to place, we will give you a custom quote.

Further questions

With our services, we get you likes and followers by attracting attention to your Instagram account. Thus, your account naturally grows with real persons interacting with your content and starting to follow you because they really like you!

By contrast, buying “instant” followers on other websites will give you a list of fake followers, with no interaction with your content, and no value at all. Worst, Instagram regularly detects the fake profiles and removes it!

Quality, Quality and Quality. Focusing on getting the right persons to follow you and choosing to grow your account organically will make all the difference on the long term. With the time, we have seen many examples illustrating this principle : people buying fake likes and followers tend to be discovered and loose credibility, while our clients tend to be successful with an organic growth.
You can directly chat with us using the live chat panel on the bottom right. If we are offline, send us a message via the contact page and we will answer you in the shortest delay.